Dunnn to Perfection: December 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DTP's Christmas Countdown....foodie gifts ideas!

Just thought I would share a few foodie gift ideas that you can make yourself....

Cute idea from Life of a Modern Mom - all you need is some beer of choice, some brown pipe cleaners, google eyes and red pompom/dot sticker.

We Whisk you a merry Christmas! From Peppermint Plum 
You will need - A packet mix of your choice, whisk, some little chocolates and cellophane to wrap. These lovely bloggers Annie and Tammy have also included a link for the cute labels pictured below! So if you are keen to give this idea a go then head over and pay their blog a visit!

And if you haven't heard of Bakerella then you are missing out! She has a wonderful website and regularly creates gorgeous cake pops. This idea has been around for a while but her version looks so pretty! Of course you can substitute the layer of M&M's for smarties, Christmas M&M's or dried fruit.  All the instructions are available on her website.

Source: bakerella.com via Cath on Pinterest

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DTP's Christmas Countdown - Sweet and Savoury Christmas Trees

Love these two ideas!

Christmas in Australia means outdoors entertaining, which means nibbles! This idea comes from the Cabot Cheese website and is a great idea to use for when you're having Christmas drinks with friends or colleagues


Sweet and healthy version for a kid's Christmas party - this comes from a lovely blog called good + happy, blogger Patricia made this gorgeous tree for her daughter's kinder party - fabulous idea! 

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