Dunnn to Perfection: First birthday cake....Babushka Mumma and Baby

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First birthday cake....Babushka Mumma and Baby

I needed to make a decision for my daughter's first birthday cake...I knew I wanted something cute but not "frizzy" and I found the perfect cake!

A Babushka Doll - The verdict - simple, girly but not frizzy, allowed for personal choice of colours - perfect!

Cake Mix
I decided to 'cheat' a bit with the cake mix and purchased a white mud cake mix from a local cake decorating store, this is what they use for special ordered cakes so I figured it would taste pretty good.

The cake mix ended up being too much for the tin so I made two loaf tins with the leftover mix - one of which became the baby babushka cake! 

The cake took approximately two hours to cook, I couldn't believe how well the cake was to cut and use once cooled.


I found a colouring-in page of a Babushka doll using Google image search - this was great because it wasn't too detailed for a template. I printed this off and then enlarged it to A3, from there I traced the body shape and details such as the face outline and where her top half of her dress falls.

                                                      Template design on greaseproof paper

The colours I chose were inspired by one of my daughters winter beanie hats - it is becoming too small for her now and I am too attached to it to put it in the too small bag of clothes! The dusty pink and moss green combination is just gorgeous so these were my two colour choices.

I cut around the doll shape and then used this to cut around for the cake shape.

With the paper still in place I stuck toothpicks around the face shape and across the dress. I then lifted the paper up and left the toothpicks in the cake.

I used Chocolate Nesquik to help colour the hair and then ran a toothpick through for texture once I had spread it on the cake.
                                                           Finished with a bow in her hair!

 The finished Mumma and Baby

Also on the menu for the birthday treats were...
We had the party favourites like Choclate Crackles, Honey Joys, Frog in a pond and Fairy Bread made by my mother-in-law Sue and good friend Natalie. 

We also had some new favourites which had everyone talking!

Tiny Teddy Racing Cars  

These were made by my sister-in-law Nici - they were a hit!  They are made using Mini Milky Ways for the car, smarties for the wheels, lifesaver type lollies for the steering wheels and Tiny Teddies for the drivers! Optional extras - Mini M&M's for headlights!
Teacups and Saucers 

Nici also made these gorgeous little sweets, TickTock biscuits for the saucer, marshmallow for the cup , freckle for the top and lifesaver type lollie for the handle. 


     Chocolate Spoons
Melted chocolate poured into coloured plastic spoons and decorated with 
sprinkles or any other lolly topping. 
How do you eat it?? Whatever way you want!

A wonderful day with plenty of delicious food to share! 

Creative Chick Parade @ The Girl Creative  


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Ruby said...

Absolutely inspirational - and love the cake - very clever (oh and love the hat too!)

Ruby said...

Looks fantastic! Very inspiring and love to hat too!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing Cath!! Very impressive :) Sian

Cath said...

Thanks Ruby and Sian, I thoroughly enjoyed making it.

cecilia said...

so cool, love the cake and yummy party treats, Holly loves the cars, and wants them at her party. ceal.

Sara @ CaffeIna said...

OMG Cath! These are adorable and you make amazing stuff. I love that you explained everything so well...maybe one day I can dare try to make something like this

Jodi said...

Well done! The cake looks awesome.

Cathie.M said...

Cathy the cake looks great well done.but its been 5 days now and no new cakes to show us.LOL.
looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic!

Cath said...

Ceal- looks like the Tiny Teddy car secret is out!
Jodi & Anon - Thanks
Sara - give it a go!
Cathy.M - Slacking off! I'm deciding what will be next!

Leanne said...

Fantastic effort! Must say terribly tempted by the milky bar cars - too cute.

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

I love babushkas! such a cute cake!

Rachel said...

so, so, so adorable! I'm simply in awe xoxoxo

Something Wilde said...

Such an adorable cake!! Nicely done!

Johanna GGG said...

made these teddy racing cars - so cute and a huge hit with the kids and the young at heart - thanks - I see the link is below with the dinosaur cake

Cath said...

Thanks Johanna, glad the cars were a hit! :) The dinosaur cake looks great too - well done.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

These are so cute! And I love those little tea cups too. A friend's sister made them for her baby shower and they were such a hit! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jackie@My Little Bookcase said...

Not only have you done an amazing job with this cake but I absolutely love the idea of a Babushka and her baby as a first birthday cake.


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